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FAQ: Check in + Check Out Procedures

Q2-a.) I have less people than originally intended; can I get a discount since I will be using less bedrooms?

A.) We do not offer discounts after a booking has already been made. We will however ensure that you have an AMAZING time with the people you show up with.

Q2-b.) Can I check in early/check out late?

A.) Check in/out times are dependent on our schedule and we do not know the answer to this question any sooner than 24 hours before your arrival/departure. Please ask only the day before your arrival/departure.

Q2-c.) Is there a key I need to pick up upon arrival?

A.) No, all doors associated to our rentals use a digital lock. You will receive the code to your rental by 10 am the morning of your arrival.

Q2-d.) Can I bring a few friends over that are not listed?

A.) We allow up to 5 outside guests without authorization. We have cameras around the perimeter of all buildings and if we suspect that there are more guests being brought in who are unauthorized, we reserve the right to terminate the reservation immediately without issuing a refund.

Q2-e.) Our flight lands at noon and we can’t check in until 4 pm, do you have any suggestions while we wait?

A.) Everything in San Diego is relatively close to the airport. Our number 1 suggestion after landing whether you have a car or are using ride share is to visit “The Crack Shack” and the “Little Italy Ballast Point Brewery” to eat some amazing food and take the edge off after traveling. By the time your group is done with lunch and spirits are perked, we suggest that any remaining time is spent at the Costco located at 650 Gateway Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92102. You do not need a membership to purchase alcohol here. So you can stock up for the time your group is staying, by this time it should be close to four and the home will be ready for your group!

Q.2-f) I paid 50% of my booking, when is the rest of my reservation payment due?

A.) Guests must make full payment 45 days before arrival. After 45 days, guest will be given a grace period of 5 days before a reservation is cancelled and the original 50% down payment is forfeited.

Q.2-g) My reservation was canceled due to my failure to pay the remaining balance before 45 days of arrival and the 5 day grace period. How do I get a refund?

A.) A guest that does not pay in full for a reservation by 40th day before arrival has forfeited their deposit. This guest will have the option to complete the booking ONLY if the rental is still available. If the rental is no longer available, the guest will forfeit their deposit due to missing the deadline.

Good Life Resorts Cancellation Policy.


·     Cancellation must be made within 48 hours of reservation and at least 60 full days prior to listing local check-in time (4pm). After 48 hours, the 50% deposit is non-refundable.

*For a 50% REFUND-

·     Cancellation must be made 60 full days prior to the local check in time (4pm) otherwise no refund. For example, if check in is on Friday, cancel by Friday 60 days before check in time for 50%. 

·     If remaining balance is not paid by the 60thday from check in date, your reservation will be cancelled automatically by 4 pm. And your 50% deposit will be forfeited. You may book the property with the remaining 50% balance only if it is still available. A reminder to pay remaining balance will be sent 10 days before due date (70 days before arrival)

*Within 60 days from check in-

·     If you cancel less than 60 days in advance or decide to leave early after check in, the nights not spent are not refunded. Any amount paid will be forfeited

-If you are considering a 3 night reservation more than 120 days in advance from the check in time, you may pay for a 7 day hold and tour of the rental for $100. The tour must take place within the time period of the 7 day hold. 

*Credit card fees:  guest agrees to pay credit card fees of 3.5% for every booking. In addition, any refunds will be charged an additional 1.5%. These bank fees are for all credit cards.