1.) The Homes

Q1-a) How Many properties do you have?

A.) We have 9 in the San Diego area. 3 over by 26th and Imperial and another 6 on a block wide area by 32nd and Market. We often encourage multiple side by side rentals to better accommodate large groups.

Q1-b.) What household amenities do you include?

A.) All our homes are stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand towels, body towels, Ironing board + iron, hair dryer, paper towels, kitchenware, silverware, dish soap, trash bags, coffee, coffee filters, coffee makers, assorted spices, and cooking ware. If you have a specific request for unusual items not on this list, please ask.

Q1-c.) Does this property include a grill?

A.) Yes, all our properties have a grill available with an included propane tank or gas line.

Q1-d.) Does the house have condiments?

A.) Occasionally, it is safer to bring your own.

Q1-e.) Do you include bed spreads, pillows, and blankets?

A.) Yes, all our rentals will have beds made with 1 pillow and 1 blanket minimum per bed. Queens and larger will have 2 of each available. Extra blankets are spread throughout the homes.

Q1-f.) Is this a shared space?

A.) No, each rental sold is private to the group renting it. There is one common space other than parking areas, and that area is available only to those who rent one of the following: Home Base, Sun Cottage, or Beach Village

Q1-g.) Do you have any speakers on the property?

A.) Yes all our homes are equipped with SONOS wifi speakers, we DO NOT allow amplified music outside of the homes on patios or decks.

Q1-h.) Do you have an HDMI cord available?

A.) Yes absolutely, if there is not one in the tv we have extras available upon request.

Q1-i.) Is this property pet friendly?/Can I bring my pet?

A.) Yes most rentals are pet friendly. We require a $300 deposit before arrival and we promise to refund $200 if nothing is damaged. $100 will be kept for additional cleaning. If a guest arrives with a pet WITHOUT letting us know and WITHOUT paying the $300 deposit the reservation will be subject to a $300 FINE and no refund will be issued.

Q1-j.) Is there parking on site?

A.) All of our rentals except for 1 provide gated/secure parking for 1-4 cars. In addition, there is street parking available for ALL of our rentals.

Q1-k.) What do you mean by a “commercial” neighborhood? Is it safe?

A.) Yes, we undoubtedly believe this area to be safe. We have been operating in this location for 3 years now without any violent or unsolicited behavior from bystanders. That being said, our surrounding neighborhood is in an underdeveloped and primarily business-oriented district of San Diego. There is a public school and homes to the southwest of us, operating warehouses to the north and south of us, and a medical transport/small business complex to the east of us. All of which is in a primarily Hispanic district just south of the micro village known as “Golden Hill”.

2.) Check in and Check Out

Q2-a.) I have less people than originally intended; can I get a discount since I will be using less bedrooms?

A.) We do not offer discounts after a booking has already been made. We will however ensure that you have an AMAZING time with the people you do show up with.

Q2-b.) Can I check in early/check out late?

A.) Check in/out times are dependent on our schedule and we do not know the answer to this question any sooner than 24 hours before your arrival/departure. Please ask only the day before your arrival/departure.

Q2-c.) Is there a key I need to pick up upon arrival?

A.) No, all doors associated to our rentals use a digital lock. You will receive the code to your rental by 10 am the morning of your arrival.

Q2-d.) Can I bring a few friends over that are not listed?

A.) We allow up to 5 outside guests without authorization. We have cameras around the perimeter of all buildings and if we suspect that there are more guests being brought in who are unauthorized, we reserve the right to terminate the reservation immediately without issuing a refund.

Q2-e.) Our flight lands at noon and we can’t check in until 4 pm, do you have any suggestions while we wait?

A.) Everything in San Diego is relatively close to the airport. Our number 1 suggestion after landing whether you have a car or are using ride share is to visit “The Crack Shack” and the “Little Italy Ballast Point Brewery” to eat some amazing food and take the edge off after traveling. By the time your group is done with lunch and spirits are perked, we suggest that any remaining time is spent at the Costco located at 650 Gateway Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92102. You do not need a membership to purchase alcohol here. So you can stock up for the time your group is staying, by this time it should be close to four and the home will be ready for your group!

3.) Hosting an Event

Q3-a.) Can I host my event here?

A.) Yes! Please see our “Specialities” tab and hit “Weddings + Events”!

Q3-b.) How do I obtain insurance for my event?

A.) (Insert link here)- head to this website and submit details for your event including size and location. It will need to be signed and shown to us at least 72 hours before the start of the event in order to be approved.

Q3-c.) What is the purpose of event insurance?

A.) Air BnB does not insure events for its hosts, and the liability is out of our control. If something were to happen because of an event we as the owners of the property could be held liable for damages or legal fees. This insurance is so that everyone including our guests is covered in the case of injury, police citation, or destruction to the property.

Q3-d.) Do you have extra tables or chairs for my approved event?

A.) Yes we have a dozen regular sized banquet tables along with up to 160 outdoor white folding chairs available for a small fee. Included in this fee is labor to move furniture where ever desired to make sure the event runs smoothly. This fee ranges from $100-$300 depending on the size of the event.

Q3-e.) Do you have people who are willing to serve or clean up during my event?

A.) Yes, depending on availability we have up to 4 team members who are willing to assist a function with a variety of skills available from bussing to bartending and serving. Each is available for $30 per hour.