1) Do we need to bring our own toiletries?

Towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are all provided and replaced on demand if needed.

3) Are our kitchens fully stocked?

All glassware, silverware, cookware, and appliances are provided for up to the full amount of people able to stay in each property. Although we supply many condiments as well we recommend you bring anything out of the ordinary, such as specialty mustards, hot sauces, etc.

4) Are nightly rentals available?

Considering a 4 pm check in time and a 10 am check out time, a minimum three night rental over a weekend is required. On weekdays a minimum of 2 nights is required. 

5) Is there anybody on site to handle emergencies?

There is more than one contact within the immediate area to offer assistance at any given time should something need it, otherwise any health related concerns please call 911. Contact details will be given upon bookings.

6) In the event of a lockout, or a key misplacement who should we contact?

All doors and entrances to the properties have code based locking systems to avoid having keys, codes are given to tenants on arrival, and door codes are changed at the end of each stay.

7) Is WiFi included or does it cost extra?

WiFi, cable, and a Bluetooth (SONOS brand) surround sound stereo system are included with the rental.

8) Are we charged extra for consuming any coffee, food, condiments, or drinks found on the premises?

No, any condiments, coffee, or beverages (available upon arrival) are included with the rental.