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*Weddings and special events are subject to a one-time mandatory “event fee” starting at $300. This fee pays for tours of our site, a 3D rendering that can be sent to guests, VIP service upon arrival, chairs + regular sized tables for your group, and discounted option to add our photo booth during your event!

Please be prepared to meet the following requirements with your booking as well:

  • -3 night minimum on any lodging unit requested

  • -Purchase of “event insurance” through a third party, proof of this purchase is REQUIRED at least 1 week before your event

  • -Events with over 25 overnight or 60 attending guests, two side-by-side lodging units are required.

  • Events with over 50 overnight and 100 attending guests require 3 side-by-side units. Lodging fees are accurately set under our “Accommodations” tab.

FAQ: Weddings + Events

Q3-a.) Can I host my event here?

A.) Yes! Please see our “Specialities” tab and hit “Weddings + Events”!

Q3-b.) How do I obtain insurance for my event?

A.) (Insert link here)- head to this website and submit details for your event including size and location. It will need to be signed and shown to us at least 72 hours before the start of the event in order to be approved.

Q3-c.) What is the purpose of event insurance?

A.) Air BnB does not insure events for its hosts, and the liability is out of our control. If something were to happen because of an event we as the owners of the property could be held liable for damages or legal fees. This insurance is so that everyone including our guests is covered in the case of injury, police citation, or destruction to the property.

Q3-d.) Do you have extra tables or chairs for my approved event?

A.) Yes we have a dozen regular sized banquet tables along with up to 160 outdoor white folding chairs available for a small fee. Included in this fee is labor to move furniture where ever desired to make sure the event runs smoothly. This fee ranges from $100-$300 depending on the size of the event.

Q3-e.) Do you have people who are willing to serve or clean up during my event?

A.) Yes, depending on availability we have up to 4 team members who are willing to assist a function with a variety of skills available from bussing to bartending and serving. Each is available for $30 per hour.