Yay! Everyone’s getting together!

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With the help from our friends running brewery tours, we can send your entire crew on a 3-4 hour mission through San Diego’s best! All beer, transportation, and knowledge is provided for a flat per person rate. Fridays and Saturdays go quick, so contact us today to set up!

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San Diego Gaslamp district is known for its lively attitude! Ask us today about our local San Diego nightclub connection and get the whole team into the largest venue downtown. Deals, discounts, and availability are all subject to change. Contact us in advance to set something up without the hassle of long phone calls, negotiation of the best deal, and dealing with strangers.

Interested? Fill the form out below and we’ll get you hooked up with the right people!

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Many ask us where the best vibes, food, and drink are located near San Diego. Click and follow these lists, you won’t be disappointed!

Group size 3-8: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cG7f8rwTjaH8oW31Yoa3HJlf_kiH8aVDU1G7li4vLV8/edit?usp=sharing

Group size 9+:


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Frequently Asked Weekend Party Questions

  • Q.1) Is there a grill at the property?

    • Yes! All our rentals have a grill in the patio area.

  • Q.2) Where is the best place to get groceries nearby?

  • Q.3) Are there any speakers in the house? Can we bring out own?

    • All of our homes are equipped with at least 1 SONOS brand wifi speaker. They are quality speakers and are easy to operate, we highly encourage all guests to download the “Sonos Controller app” before arrival. If you bring any amplified speakers, you will risk immediate eviction, small portable speakers are OK!

  • Q.4) How close are the homes to Downtown?

    • All of our homes are within 2.5 miles of the Gaslamp center. Which is less than a 10 minute drive or a $10 uber.

  • Q.5) Can I invite outside guests?

    • We allow you to invite up to 5 outside guests from your confirmed total. Any group of outside guests larger than 5 will require permission from our property manager or owner.

  • Q.6) Is there gated parking available for our home?

    • All but two of our rentals have at least 1 gated parking space. But the availability varies, if it is a concern for you to park on the street adjacent to your rental, please let us know!

  • Q.7) Do you provide sheets, towels, paper towels, soaps

    • All of our homes are equipped for large groups, which means standard amenities and household items are all provided. If there is something specific you are concerned about please ask. Luxuries include: cleaning supplies, ear plugs, hair dryers, irons, ironing boards, coffee, coffee makers, playing cards, wine openers, and poker chips.

  • Q.8) Do you provide beach towels?

    • No, they kept getting stolen, groups do have to bring their own beach towels.

  • Q.9) Are these rentals suitable for children or elderly?

    • Many of our homes are side by side and we encourage many to enjoy their time spent with friends into the evening time. Since we are located in a mixed commercial area, the only neighbors are usually guests of ours. This being said, sometimes the evenings can be noisy and we encourage family members to prepare appropriately. While the homes are suitable, they may not be ideal for children or elderly.

  • Q.10) I paid 50% of my booking, when is the rest of my reservation payment due?

    • Guests must make full payment 45 days before arrival. After 45 days, guest will be given a grace period of 5 days before a reservation is cancelled and the original 50% down payment is forfeited.

  • Q.11) My reservation was canceled due to my failure to pay the remaining balance before 45 days of arrival and the 5 day grace period. How do I get a refund?

    • A guest that does not pay in full for a reservation by 40th day before arrival has forfeited their deposit. This guest will have the option to complete the booking ONLY if the rental is still available. If the rental is no longer available, the guest will forfeit their deposit due to missing the deadline.