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What is a Vacation Rental Hotel™?

Loft City by Good Life Resorts will be known as the first ever Vacation Rental Hotel™.


Our hotel is built for large groups and includes private rental houses that combine to make multi-house reservations with:


(a) event spaces 

(b) single and double room hotel suites

(c) ADA accessibility throughout the resort

(d) alcohol sales

(e) special guest experiences

(f) a private yard with BBQ

(g) a communal lobby beach area for socializing.


Our Vacation Rental Hotel allows all guests to have access to our private beach lobby and cabanas. 

Large groups can rent multiple houses at a single location. Large groups can legally host events in their vacation rental with up to 300 guests. 

LOFT CITY is a new concept and will be the preferred lodging for a new generation of retreats, party guests, events and large group vacations. Enjoy! 


Team Good Life

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